LSx Swap Parts

Daft Innovations was the first to complete the LSx swap into a cressida. The car handles the engine super nice. Here is a couple videos of the car in action.

Drifting cone course.


Drag racing.


Long Tube LSx Swap Headers

CODE: slsxheaders

$640.00   $500.00

LS1/T-56/4l60E 1 3/4 Long Tubes Headers Non coated.

LSx Power Steering Line

CODE: slsxpsps


 LS1 Power Steering Line. This is the high pressure line.

LSx T56/4l60E Drive Shaft

CODE: slsxdds


LS1 T-56/4l60e Drive Shaft.

MX83 LSx Engine Mount Kit

CODE: mx83lsxkit

Set of engine brackets and transmission crossmember to drop a LSx based engine into a 89-90 MX83 chassis. Mount kit includes mild steel engine brackets,... More